Venice Beach - I'm back on the blog

It's been a while, but I'm back with a lot of new blog material. I've been collecting my photos and really working hard on a video blog for the girls of our trip back in NZ, but with emigrating back and travelling around, I've not had a chance to get them on here.

From here on in, until I have a full time job again, I will really try to get everything uploaded and written up.

My blogs will be out of date order, but in categories, starting with this little walk I took on Venice beach the other morning whilst Tim and Rob had a little lie in.

It was a gorgeous morning and I stopped to talk to an artist or two, one photographer was lovely, and I really liked his work, so I bought a small one to bring home and frame.

  ^^ Such a typical LA beach view of a lifeguard hut. I had to take one of my own. ^^

^^ The stalls were all setting up in the morning sun. I love people watching. ^^
^^This guy made the most amazing sculptures out of recycled metal, but I had to rush and couldn't linger longer. Check it out if you're ever there! ^^


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