Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Melbourne Formula 1

I was originally going to do some day by day posts of my recent week long trip to Melbourne. A small thing happened, where I lost my phone and when I found it again an hour later, someone had tried to guess the pin, incorrectly so that they could return it to me. This caused a factory reset which caused me to lose all of my holiday photos that were on the iPhone and not on the proper camera. This means I only have a selection of my Melbourne photos. :(

So starting here with my Formula 1 selection, I've decided to split them into categories rather than one day diaries which are missing massive chunks because of the STUPID BLOODY FACTORY RESET!!!!

Oh well, I'm over it now. You'll see what you see and you'll have to imagine the rest.

Melbourne is amazing. I loved it. Good food, bars, things to see, great theatre and did I mention shopping...?!!

On with the Car photos. We had 4 day GP Advantage tickets which allowed us to walk down the pit lanes and see the cars up close before anyone else, see the track from a different corner on each day, eat free breakfast, get access to the Silver Bar.... lots of fun things! These photos are the best of what I have left from across the 4 days! Not enough of the cars on the track unfortunately. The iPhone did a great job of that as the shutter speed was quick, and there was one day when I got loads. They are all gone.

^^ Tony's avenue^^
^^First glimpse of the podium which would hold the winner on Sunday^^

^^I loved these guys^^

^^Mini ones!^^

^^Yes, that is a man riding a zip wire on a motorcycle with a lady hanging off.^^

^^Too many cool air displays^^

And a little video. Great spot for filming as this was on the bend just after the starting point, so the cars have to slow a fair bit. However, they do look slow which is a bit pants! I like being on a bend though. Exciting things happen with fast cars on bends!