Friday, 25 April 2014

Old Melbourne Gaol

This is possibly the last post from Melbourne. I may do a shopping one as we did so much of that, but there's a part of me that thinks those blog posts are a bit of a fail for me. I'll think about it.... I'm a good shopper, but not a good shopper blogger!

I had wanted to go to Melbourne Gaol since our first day. It was right opposite our hotel, I love a good tourist attraction and with my love of Urbex, Tony couldn't say no I don't think, as I had been very excited about going. 

Ticket price was $25.00 AUS, but we had a voucher which we found in the foyer of the hotel so I think we got 10/15% off? We paid up and were told that we could wander the old part freely, but the modern part would be toured in around half an hour. We ventured off into the old Gaol to pass the time until the tour. 

It reminded me of a movie. 

^^ A lot of death masks, creepy! ^^

^^This hole shows through to a newly discovered, rather horrid and scary part of the Gaol, the punishment cells^^

^^Ned Kelly's death mask, Tony and I found it a bit odd how big a deal is made of him.^^
^^I love this view up to the roof^^

^^Such cramped cold spaces.^^

^^This was the lashing triangle. :( Description below^^

It was time for our tour of the more modern part of the building, The Watch House - in use up until the 90's. 

^^The sergeant lined us up and questioned us before locking us in a cell, men separate from women.^^

I'm glad I used the toilet before we came. Peeing in front of all those ladies in a gross toilet like this was not appealing, and no toilet paper!

They let us into the outdoor/exercise spaces though for a break. 
^^After the fake arrest, we explored further. Anyone from the UK who knows me from my days of exploring abandoned buildings will know that the last padded cell I saw at Harperbury Asylum, a small one made for children was much, much creepier than this one. But it was still interesting. ^^

^^The guy who drew this had skills....^^
^^The very strict sergeant finally released us, but not before giving us our arrest photos as a souvenir! Well, we took them ourselves....^^
^^For some reason, I look like I just came out of Jersey shore, so the arrest almost could be real if I had displayed some of their type of behaviour. I'm rather orange! I think it's the white background, I assure you, I had a natural tan, but no make up on at all! I could have corrected it, but I don't do photoshop, odd for someone who works in Visual Effects! ^^

I recommend this one. Takes a couple of hours mooching around and is good fun for all ages. 

Read more about the history on their website here