Sightseeing round Melbourne

I lost some photos as you all know, but luckily the good ones were safe on my proper camera. 

Oh Melbourne, I did enjoy you! 

^^Dog Pig.... oh and Tony!^^
^^Morning sun on the station was beautiful.^^
^^The markets, I could have bought so much!^^

^^Tram cafe^^


^^The old courthouse^^

^^We went to see the most fantastic play. It was called Cock by Mike Bartlett^^

^^A really great cocktail bar, 1806, we went 3 times. It's a close second to Hawthorne Lounge in Welly. The menu was more fun, Hawthorne should steal that! It has a really interesting history as a small theatre, which none of the staff seemed to know about. After a bit of google action, I had it down and filled them all in! You can read all about it here. ^^

^^The best duck I've had in a while. And they cleverly wrap them for you with 1 hand and some cutlery and it's fast, and delicious and yummy and we went back for more on another night.....^^

^^And after duck, we went back to 1806 for more cocktails, starting with the old Espresso Martini of course!^^
Tram time.

Sky tower time

^^Me and Alan^^

We watched the sun set. I took a photo roughly every 5 seconds. Look how fast the sun goes down and how the sky changes colour! 

Not too many more Melbourne posts to go. And I'm back in my blogging flow, pretty proud of myself! 


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