Sunday, 17 February 2013

Catch up in photos

I have been reading, girly feel good stuff mainly, it's nice to have time to read. 

Helena and I caught up on the latest in kids TV. I wasn't that impressed really. 

I taught Lottie about hair doughnuts after a few wines, can you see it peeking out? Looks pretty though. 

Sophie painted my toes all different colours from my Nails Inc set. Hobbits Feets!

My friends took on a 1 man food challenge between 2 of them. They didn't even get close. Then we saw Django. It was a brilliant film!

I helped Louisa launch her Candle Culture shop on etsy. Click here to check it out. 

Miranda and I made a brunch I'd dreamed about for over a week. We tried the cling film poached egg trick too. It worked really well! 

Till next time!