Thursday, 6 December 2012

NZ18 - Napier getaway part 2

Day 2 was a chilled out affair. I woke to glorious sunshine, went down for breakfast which I had outside, read the paper, and set off on a stroll. Whoops, the shops called me again! After that, I headed to the Ocean spa on the seafront with my bathing suit and book. I sunbathed for a couple of hours and sat in a hot pool which was just delicious! 

 With the New Zealand sun being so intense, I decided it was time to head on my virtual wine tour before I got burnt! As I was on such limited time, I was advised to go on this one. It's held at the Napier Wine store and it's in 2 stages. First you go into a room which has different metal sticks with scents on. This is to get your nose used to the different flavours and scents which you find in wine. There's a description for each one, telling you what kind of wine and which region in the world you'll be likely to find those flavours. Then there's a guessing game at the end to see how well you took it all in. I didn't do that well! 

After this, they send you into a small cinema/screening room. There are 6 wines lined up for you, and a piece of paper with a short description of each, score card and a pencil. The film starts and takes you on a short history of wine in NZ and the Napier area, then takes you down into 6 vineyards, where the owners talk to you and tell you about their favourite, which you try at the same time as them. You write yourself a note, score them and then you can buy them at the end. I really enjoyed it! My favourites were the Sileni Estate Pinot Gris (not to sweet for a Pinot) & the Crab farm Sauvignon Blanc. 

I bought some wine and went back to pamper myself at the hotel with a nice glass of Sav nd a takeaway dinner, watching my some of my favourite TV and reading.