Sunday, 9 December 2012

NZ19 - The last day in Napier

On my last day in Napier, I wanted to go to the Aquarium. I failed at this, because I walked to where I thought it was, and it was closed, then I found out what I was looking at was actually "Marineland" and not the aquarium, I hadn't walked far enough, which sucks. 

Instead, I went shopping again, and off I popped to see the other film at the Art deco centre, which I preferred to the first one, as it was more about art deco and less about the earthquake. 

Below, even public toilets in Napier are pretty! 

I stumbled across a really cute little antique shop. 

This was my tiny plane back. Literally the only one on the runway. 

Nice man offered me the window seat, and I took some cool photos from above. I love small planes! 

Then I was back, in the Middle of Middle Earth. Wellington. Check out the baggage belt! 

I'll show you some of my shopping in the next post, and a bit of what I've been up to this week in Welly. Gloaming exhibition, very cool! 

Till next time!