Monday, 12 December 2016

5 joys number 3

This week has been really busy, and really stressful, but also full of many joys. Actually I think it's a couple of weeks since I wrote about anything cheery in my life, so here we go.

1) Mum and I went to The Ideal Home Christmas exhibition. This is now a yearly tradition and we love it. It's £10 each and we go around trying all the free food and drink we can get our hands on and getting all of the free samples. The music is brill and the atmosphere really fun. There was a really good Four Seasons cover band there this year ( Frankie's Guys ) and if you like that sort of thing (I do) you end up dancing like a mad woman before it's even lunchtime. I was also possibly the youngest person watching and dancing to them... ah well. Bovvered. It was fun! Here's me and mum posing for our obligatory Christmas tree photo out the front!

2) I moved into the New Flat. I want to do a blog on it, tell all about how I've done it up, some of the lovely things I've bought, some of the furniture, I'm upcycling and creating. That will all come in time. Life is far too busy right now. For now, here's a picture of my first real tree, bought by me on my own. Chosen by me on my own. Put in my little mini, by me on my own and driven home and decorated, all by me, on my own! I am an independent lady with a proper real tree in my gorgeous little one bedroom flat. I love it there. It's so cosy and I can't wait till I've finished filling it with lovely things. 

3) Longleat festival of lights. I'm going to do a whole blog post of all of my photos. Everyone should go, it's the most wonderful day out. Get the full ticket, do the full safari, house tour and light show. It's worth it. Book early. You might have to wait till 2017 now! 

4) My friend Lesley came over and brought me a lovely new microwave, brand new! Friends are so generous and loving sometimes and despite all that they have going on in their lives, they still take the time out for little old me and bring me such a lovely gift and have tea with me in my new flat. I love her and all of my community group. Which leads onto my joy number 5....

5) The Bernays Gardens Community Group Christmas dinner. We all went to The Hare and had a beautiful 3 course meal. Who would have thought that 2 years ago when I met these humans at a volunteer gardening day, that we'd still be friends 2 years later and having Christmas dinner together. Wonderful! 

And that my friends, is my latest 5 joys. Hopefully it put a smile on your face!