Longleat Christmas 2016 50th Anniversary

"2 blog posts in a week Annie?" I hear you cry. Well yes, I have some things to talk about and I'm enjoying it!

Last year was the first time Kathryn, Miranda, Louise and I went to Longleat for their Christmas spectacle. (Wrote a blog post on it here) We had the most incredible time and swore we would do it again. Unsure of what to expect the first time we were totally overwhelmed by how great the safari was, the house and all of the Christmas lights which had been installed all through the Capability Brown gardens. So we decided it should become a yearly tradition. It's so Christmassy and we giggle so much as we go round the safari in the car with our packed lunches like kids on a school trip!

It doesn't feel like a whole year since we went, but it is. And now it's the 50th Anniversary of Longleat they had a bit of a special treat for the light show. Beatrix Potter! It was all Peter Rabbit themed, which works perfectly in the location and the little rabbit has a soft spot in all of our hearts!

Anyway, I can't recommend it enough. Book early next year and go if you can.

My favourite attraction has to be the monkeys. There is nothing like driving through and watching the naughty little guys steal windscreen wipers and aerials. They were fascinated with the leaves under the car bonnet this time and did a lovely job of cleaning them out and eating remains inside! Two of them may have had sex on the roof.... we know this because the people in the car next to us had full view.... um.... yes! haha! 

Little fight.....

 Post Safari we went down the impressive house..... gosh it's breathtaking huh?!
We want through the maze and when we finally found the centre, the sunset was incredible. 
^^The View of the house over the maze just before the lights switched on^^
Group selfie. I'm getting good at this selfie malarkey! 

^^And we waited on the tower for the lights to go on, and they did. Pretty! Now we just had to find our way out of the maze.^^

Back near the house, we had some penguins to visit. 
These guys below had been a bit naughty, they were stood facing a wall like that for at least ten minutes.... didn't move the whole time we were there! 

And then it was properly dark and after a wonder round the house it was time for the light display. I would have taken photos in the house but this year they weren't allowing us. I think it's because they had some very special exhibitions of Peter Rabbit costumes from the Ballet and first edition signed books. It was stunning inside this year, the costumes were exquisite. 

How incredible are these Elephants made from china cups, bowls and spoons etc?

Another selfie attempt!

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