Life lately since funemployment

A new life lately since I gave up work in exchange for funemployment. Here's a list of fun things I've been up to lately or have spotted whilst out and about that I like. 
 The packaging on this beer. I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with Brendan and Yaya at Hackney Picture House and their snack selection is so much better than the Vue cinemas. And we all know how I feel about that awful cinema chain! BOYCOT!!
 Henley for the day was supposed to be sunny. It kind of was at points. It was still a nice day trip despite getting a speeding ticket for only travelling at 36 miles an hour.
 This cool dude dressing up at my dad's birthday. Such a good kid Janek and always good for a laugh!

 Found this on a lamp post in Henley. I just thought it was so sweet. I didn't call the number in case it is a real one. Hope he finds love!
 Amazing peanut butter and banana milkshake in a restaurant called Cau. The burger was pretty tasty too.
 Finishing the summer house wood rebuilding. It's a nice feelng to know it's all dry. I get the feeling my plans have been scuppered to actually finish the office though because there is still a ton of my brother and mum's stuff stored in there and I can't seem to convince them to move it or remove it. :(
 Seeing West Wycombe again. I have a weird feeling when I visit this village, always have. I can't explain it, but it's a mixture of fascination and intrigue mixed with a feeling of familiarity or something. Either way, another visit to the caves must happen soon!
 I went to see American Buffalo at the Wyndham Theatre. It was a brilliant play and the three main guys were outstanding, John Goodman, Tom Sturridge and Damian Lewis. I saw it with an old school friend who I haven;t seen for years. It was so good to have a reunion and hang out again. Reviews have been brilliant. Go and see it if you can. 

This walk up at Suzanne's and the weather we've been having lately. Look at the colours! 

Mark at the Denham Giant Car Boot sale. I made £75.00 which actually isn't bad at all. And Mark was in a great mood from 6am right through which helps. If you want to do a car boot, get a Mark. That's my advice! 

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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