Jamaica part 2

It's taken me a while to get this second Jamaica post up online, but I was determined to do it, and I can feel my self so close to being able to post all of the things I've been excited about! (My last day is at work was last week!) 

The next day after our Bob Marley tour we had a gorgeous sunshiny day at the beach, followed by a reggae party. The riu hotel certainly do know how to do fun entertainment in Jamaica, but not forcefully. You can happily stand on the sideline and watch people groove if you want, and that was my mood. I was here to relax and drink rum punch!

I start to forget the order of things now as I left it so long to write this blog, but we had the next day of reading and sunbathing and then the evening entertainment was the glistening waters. A natural phenomenon that only occurs in 5 places in the world. The water contains microscopic organisms which glow when you get in or create any contact/movement. The glow is a vivid bright blue, which just sounds and looks quite cool from photos, but is actually really more amazing and vivid than you would think! 

The boat took us out to the lake after dark and we all got in the water. It was incredibly warm, as is all water in Jamaica and I was just entranced by it. Doggy paddling round the boat, I just couldn't stop staring at my hands. I think some of the other tourists thought I was a bit odd because mum didn't get in and I was just round one side on my own in a daze at how pretty it was! 

It was absolutely impossible to capture on camera, so many of my photos turned out like this one below. 

The website with a bit of information and some more photos is here

I did manage to capture a photo off the back of the boat on my iPhone though, which was actually a bit easier to use. You can see it on my instagram here : https://instagram.com/p/0_0wZRtEUm/?taken-by=littlemidge83

These photos were taken on the final day trip we took on Saturday. It was an all day trip out on a catamaran and included snorkelling, climbing the Dunn's river falls and a boat party.

We took a coach ride out to a place near a beach! (Haha! Like how informative I am?!) They fed us Jerk chicken and then after a little wait where I snapped the shots of this heron and the surrounding area, we set sail.

The boat took us out to the middle of the sea where there was some quite visible reef and they made us all wear life jackets.
I wasn't so sure about wearing life jackets (having snorkelled a million times without) but they explained to us that the currents can be quiet strong and tiring, and of course they were right. They'e done it a million times! It helps, you can actually bob around and just take a break when you fancy. 

I saw some amazing fish and swum with our friend and his daughter while her mum and my mum stayed on the boat. 

We must have been in there for a good 45 mins to an hour before we got back on the boat and took off again.

Had a Jamaican beef patty to keep us going and a refreshing cold drink. Yum. 

And then we pulled up on the beach at the bottom of the Dunn's falls. The falls are one of Jamaica's national treasures and is a freshwater falls which go into the salty sea!


The falls extend across more than 600 feet, and for some bizarre reason, the Jamaican's like to take Tourists climbing up it. This is fun, don't get me wrong, but possibly a tad pointless! haha! Was very nice after the heat of the boat to be in the freshwater though.

The water is pretty fast flowing and without a waterproof camera, the only photographic evidence I have of myself in there is a photo which I paid for at the end.

If I get the chance, I will scan said photo and upload it here so that you can all see me in my bikini being drenched by tons of water rushing behind me.

See the bottom of the falls on the left hand side? Mum took these photos from the boat where she stayed and had drinks with the crew!

After we had climbed the falls, we got back on board and the music was pumping and cocktails were flowing. It took around 30-45mins to get back and it wasn't long enough! We were just getting into the party spirit when we had to get off and go back to the hotel. Such a shame. Never mind!

Here's a few more shots of the remaining things we got up to. Mainly sunbathing, mooching, eating, taking predictable photos of my feet in the sand.

On the last night we went to The Hip Strip and Margaritaville to watch the sunset with some friends we'd made. It was stunning and the food was delicious, only it was too dark to photograph it!

 The sunset changed colour so fast.

One more beach porn photo of my feet to finish you off. Jamaica was truly one of my favourites. I'd head back there in a heartbeat to spend a week sunbathing, drinking run, swimming and listening to reggae. Actually, can I go now please?


PS there may have been some extra photos. If they get found, there's an extra blog post in it!

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