Sailing in Welly

On Friday, we went sailing. We had bought a trip off of Grab One. It was for an hour and a half sailing and a free drink in the yacht club. When we arrived, we were greeted by this little fellow. He was just under the little wharf and was about a foot wide. 

We were taken into the classroom and given some basic lessons from Sam our instructor, about things for our safety, like not hitting our heads on the boom, and like the fact it would be virtually impossible to capsize!

I wore my timberland boat shoes of course.

We were forced to wear these rather unattractive outfits which were supposed to keep us dry and floating if we fell in! 

The vessel on the left was the one to take us on our adventure. 

It was the most perfect weather. A smooth flat sea, sunshine and with enough wind to make us soar through the water at scary angles. 

Rachelle steered at first, and I was in charge of the main sail. A flappy sail is not a happy sail! 

This is Massey Memorial you can see up on the hill, to the left of The Hobbit set. 

Amanda was a pro by the time we were nearing the end! 

We sailed back in and went for a glass of wine on the waterfront. It was the perfect way to end a friday at work. 


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