NZ - Middle Earth

So I'm back in middle earth as you know. The weather has been amazing from the moment I landed, and I'm finally feeling a bit better from my tragic illness which has plagued me since I left London. 

The lavender at our house is just beautiful. 

On Saturday I was invited to a party round the corner. Swimming pool, barbecue, food and lots of lovely people made for a really great day and night, and I woke up on Sunday morning having had my first full night's sleep and feeling a zillion times better. I pottered about my room nesting, wrote some shopping lists and went off to the supermarket and my favourite, The Warehouse! The Warehouse sells everything and has loads of bargains. Today was tupperware specials! I love tupperware as everyone knows! (SAD!) So I also got nice healthy food for work this week to put in my tupperware, so I DON'T GET FAT EATING RUBBISH! Some new pillows for my bed, a couple of picture frames for my photos, scented candles. My room is looking lovely now! 

Note my London bus fairy lights which were a 30th present from my friend kathryn and the teddy from my mum! Lots of my gifts came with me, My room is so cosy. 

Sunday night was a chilled one, with barbecue, wine and a movie. It was my first day back at work today. It felt like I'd never left! A bizarre feeling when you've been off work for so long! Here's a few more pictures from the weekend. 

The sun setting over Miramar. 

 Rachelle's gorgeous daughter Monique and her friend Christie heading off to Homegrown music festival in town on Saturday. 
And Libby at the pool party. My second favourite dog in the world and I'm glad to be back with her. Sorry Lib! Max is number 1, but you're a close second! 



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