Relay For Life

 At the weekend, my company did "Relay for Life" for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. It was a fantastic event which ran from Saturday to Sunday, with teams staying out on the track all night to do as many laps as possible and raise as much money as they could. 

Our baton was an oscar. This is me on the track starting our 2 hours of laps, before another member of the team would take over. 

A view of the site. 

Rachelle's daughter and her friends were on a team with their school. 

Our tent, which would be our base over the course of the 2 days. 

The Marching Band on the opening lap. 

The Lovely Lisa, holding the oscar up high. She organised the even for us and is a cancer survivor herself. 

The gorgeous wranglers with our TB. 

Dave and his son. Dave stayed out for the full duration and kept the team going at the most difficult times! 

 The team later at night. 

Tony Pimping our tent! 

The candle memorial bags. Each individually decorated, they twinkled away all night. 

 There was Karaoke through the night, not awful karaoke, lots of really beautiful songs. At this point, over 200 people were singing to Christina Perri - A Thousand Years. It was just beautiful. 

Shobs, keeping spirits up as she does so well! 

And both of us joining in the Karaoke fun. 

The next morning, our General Manager Cam, and our workmate Hamish,  and the boys running the final laps.

Team Photo! 

The closing ceremony Haka. The first one I've ever seen live. 

I am so glad I go to be a part of this event and all together we raised $4,002.00 and it's still going up. I work with the most amazing people and I really felt it that night! 


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