Monday, 12 November 2012

NZ14 - A fun little week!

Last Saturday night, we had "Pot Luck Dinner" at Sarah's. I logged into my Pinterest for some of the yummy recipes I've been saving up and I made some tasty treats. I haven't taken very many good photos, but the recipes were so good, I wanted to share them and where I got them from! Just click the names to get to the recipes. 

Delicious Marmalade Sausages, recipe from Rosie the Londoner - so simple to make and absolutely my new favourite way to cook bangers! 

I also made a Mediterranean Chickpea Salad with Feta in it. 

Then the final dessert piece, something I've been meaning to make for ages. CHOCOLATE SALTY BALLS!  Also a recipe from Rosie the Londoner. I've always loved her blog, and currently whenever I read it, I get a little slice of home from over here in New Zealand! The Salty truffles went down such a treat, I'm tempted to make them again this weekend! 

My photo really doesn't do them justice. You should head over to Rosie's page for the best photographs of them!

Monday night was Fireworks night in Wellington. We went up to Dean's in Wadestown up on the hill, for the most stunning views, wine, sparklers, food and fun! The incredible fireworks were set off from barges out at sea, and you could see them from miles away. 


Me above looking very geeky and it's really not a flattering photo, but I wanted to share my sparkler fun with you all!

If your have any of those red and blue 3d glasses, look through them now! This is me at work in 3d!

And lastly, a dog walk at sunset, on Mount Pooey. (Maupuia Walkway)