Grown up cake

Last week, my baby sister Helena, turned a whole 10 years old. Now as we all know, this is a very important milestone. DOUBLE DIGITS! This required a grown up beauty party and a grown up cake. 

The party was organised by my lovely stepmother who purchased lots of yummy things for the girls from Lush, then my gorgeous friend Louisa came round and performed a gruelling 3 hours of facials, massages and manicures on the mini people and a few mums! Well done Lou! You can check out her website here for your own pamper sessions! These were some of the things in the goody bags. 

The cake was a special request. Cherry chocolate Black Foresty Gateaux. It had to be fresh cherries though according to my sis! I nicked the chocolate sponge recipe off a website online and it was yummy! You can find it here.  Then I bought some Cherry Jam, fresh cherries and Sainsbury's chocolate spread for the filling! There was also buttercream which I made as we were avoiding fresh cream. For the decoration, I drizzled melted chocolate all over it, stuck some cherries on top and wrote a message in icing. Results below! A nice fattening grown up cake with no nuts or fresh cream to hurt the kiddies! 

Happy Birthday Helena!!! x x x x x


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