A vague few weeks

So I've had a busy few weeks, filled with a lot of socialising and much drinking. I have big plans a coming in my work life soon, so I want to get as much fun time in as possible. I have recorded very little of my few weeks, but here's a small taste of the interesting bits. 

Jack Wills Polo with the lovely B. I recommend this day out a lot. It was very good value. Eton Smashed Harrow, Cambridge really did beat Oxford quite badly, but Harvard and Yale were very evenly matched. We ate fruit and drank cheap cava on a picnic blanket all day! Yum! 

After this weekend, I took on a bit of freelance work, went out partying every night afterwards, and basically recorded nothing for the blog! This is probably a very good thing! Then last Thursday after work, I drove my friends to South Wales for Beach Break Live. We were trying to beat the rain. No such luck! 

Beach Break is  a student festival, we went because our friends help run it even though we aren't students any more! However the line up was awesome and we had a great time, despite our age! I was with some of my bestest and funniest friends in the world! Here's a little shot of them at Chase and Status! Hobbitzes!

We rushed back to London on the Sunday morning, just as the sun came out over the festival site, as a close friend had his first film screening in Leicester Square in the afternoon. The film is brilliant and I'm so incredibly proud of Mark and his Friend Harrison who wrote, directed and post produced the whole thing on a small budget. You wouldn't believe it was their first film, it's really good, and I'm not saying it because I'm their friends!

Check it out here Weaverfish

And finally, as I haven't blogged much else, it was the gorgeous Sophie's birthday last week. We ate in East Street which is in Rathbone Place. It was delicious. I had a Vietnamese Salad. 

Here is a photo of the beautiful birthday girl, and her lovely cake, which I believe is a Hummingbird red velvet! Yum! 

Better blogs to come soon. And possibly a video of our Beach Break adventures! 

Please comment if you have any opinions or thoughts! 


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