Menorca with mum Part 1

When I had to book a holiday to go on with mum, I knew Menorca would be the right place after going there on the hen party earlier in the year. She hasn't been yet and I hadn't seen nearly as much of the island as I wanted while we were there, I felt I already had a little plan in place of the things to do and see.  It has the right mix of all the things mum likes, famous for nice shoes and bags, good cheese, amazing food and unspoilt loveliness with very few children. It's not a touristy island at all, being a Unesco world heritage site. I got some bargain flights from easyjet and managed to book one of the nicest hotels on the island only a month or so before we left (Artiem Capri), which made me very happy as it was peak Summer holiday time. We had a hire car to get around, although only a small island, this was brill for us as we really went for quite a few drives and explored some of the quieter beaches. For the first day, we just relaxed. We ate in a tapas bar we found and just stopped at before we checked in at the hotel. Then once we'd checked in, got ourselves up to the pool for a sunbathe and relax, I dragged mum to the supermarket for some snack food and we pretty much sunk into the first day as one should. I didn't really take my camera out until the second day after a little wonder down to the town and a mooch around some shops. 

This gorgeous bakery was where we bought our bread for the first packed lunch.
It was just off the square in Mahon where we had a drink in the sunshine.
This is the best Gelato on the island. Well that's what trip advisor told me anyway. And it was pretty good. It was directly opposite another Gelato shop which no-one was in, so that must say something, as everyone was in this one! 

Still not really sure what Cheese ice cream is. Not entirely sure I want to find out either. It sounds weird. I'm hoping it's something lost in the translation....
This is the view from the top of the hotel where the swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa are housed. It was never busy. Absolute bliss with the gorgeous sunshine every day. You could even see the big boats and cruise ships coming in and out of the port.
One of our first good meals was in a restaurant which is quite famous on the island for the best Asian food, Restaurant Way. I can't recommend it highly enough. I had been there on the previous holiday and the owners are just brilliant. Even though we should have booked, and we didn't, and they were really busy, they managed to accommodate us for such a delicious meal and cocktails while we looked out over the gorgeous yachts and boats. When you compare what we spent in comparison to what we would have spent on similar meals in London, it was a bloody bargain!

Mum enjoying her Negroni at the table. 
On the walk back I just had to photograph this staircase. It looked gorgeous lit up at night. Everything is so photogenic and clean.

The next morning, we went to some markets. I'm a sucker for a green door and peeling paint. Goodness knows why. I just like it. 

The views by the market were stunning. 
This particular market was set around the edge in the cloisters of the old church. It's actually lovely to walk around because it's a bit of a break from the direct heat.

I loved this guy's bar above, he posed for my photo! It was made so carefully and crafted out of old pallettes and beautifully varnished and polished. It was like someone had brought it straight in from hipster East London and plonked it right in a Spanish Market! You can just sit, eat cheese, drink wine and watch the world go by. 

And to finish today's post, here's a couple of photos of me and Mum with the weird cow. They are proud of their dairy in Menorca! 



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