10 Joys number 12

It's been a while, so I've upped the number from 5 to 10! 10 Joys! Isn't life great?!

1) Producing my first show in my new job - I've completed my first one and attended the screening. Lovely clients, lovely show and I did ok! That's a joy right?!

2) Louisa and Steve getting married - The wedding was beautiful and I was so pleased to be there. I had an amazing time with old friends and woke up with a banging headache on a gorgeous country estate where we had home cooked breakfast all together and I picked pears from the orchard then drove back to London. I do love a country house wedding!

3) Defib training - This might not sound like a joy but it made me happy. My employers brought in the St John's ambulance trainer and I finally learnt CPR properly and how to use a defibrillator if need be. Also a much easier method of recovery position. This might sound straightforward to some people, but not everyone, there are so many of us that don't know basic first aid. I love that I can now help out in worse medical situations if, god forbid, I'm ever in those situations.

4) Church fun day - Anne, Phil and I ran a very small stall which the church kindly gave us free during their fun day. Anne and Phil planted up some bulbs in pots, I baked some cookies and all together, we made about £30.00 because the weather was absolute crap that day so the turnout wasn't as good as we hoped. We had a nice time though. We had beer and burgers and talked to local people. £30 in the kitty is better than a kick in the teeth as my mother would say!

5) Christening - I went to the Christening of one of my oldest friend's Goddaughter/Niece. He now lives in LA and his sister lives in New Zealand but they both came to London for the Christening with their mum and I was so happy to see them and be invited. She's the most gorgeous baby and it's just good to see old friends and barbecue in the garden in the sunshine and bless a child, isn't it?

6) Burlesque with Rosie - My new friend Rosie in my new job won tickets a few weeks ago to a burlesque night at the Underbelly festival on the South Bank. We had the most brilliant time. It was my first proper burlesque night and I loved it. We drank prosecco and gin cocktails and played in the Hilton Photo booth. You can see the results on my instagram here: cool video click here!

7) Pink Floyd at the V&A - I bought my dad a ticket as a late Father's day present and then he brought the rest of the clan along who also wanted to join in. We had a great family time, with breakfast prior to the event. It was really great. I could have spent ages in there but you know what kids are like, they rush through!

8) Bernays Gardens volunteer day with sausages and coffee - We started offering refreshments at our volunteer days and it's brilliant. There were pastries and cookies at the first one and I brought the camping stove for teas and coffees. As well as more local people turning up in general, they now hang around for a chat and a cuppa which is so enjoyable. Second time around, we decided to cook some sausages in the pan. Sausage butties, tea and coffee! It went down an absolute treat with everyone. We might not do it every month, but it was fun and delicious! I love being chef on my camping stove!

9) Food Festival with Vic - "Another competition you won?" I hear you ask. Yes, yes! My gorgeous friend Victoria won tickets for the BBC Big Feast in the moat at The Tower of London and we had free champagne and loads of food. The Sun came out and we had the afternoon off work. I love Vic, I love food and drink, I love the sunshine and I love it even more when I get to finish work early for the week with a Friday afternoon off!

10) Being back into the blog - Well I have loads to blog about and I'm motivated. This little online diary really has been going a while now. Lots of Menorca posts coming up.

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