Louisa's Hen Party

I wish I had taken more photos on this trip, but here are the ones I took anyway! 

Louisa and her Grandma, 
Miranda looking super happy! 

Gorgeous Jess also looking happy!

Kathryn and Louisa, getting ready to head out. It was so hot this day! 

And we made it to the water! I like punting. Apparently, I'm a natural! Small, feisty, competitive thing that I am! 


The hen herself gives it a go! 

Hanging out with the other boat! 
Hi gorgeous Jo! 

That evening, we headed out for dinner. Louisa brought her friends and new boyfriend. 

I didn't take many photos in the evening, but because it doesn't happen very often. Here's a photo of Louise and Miranda doing shots. And we didn't even get that drunk! 


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