5 joys number 11

**Disclaimer, this was meant to go out before I went on holiday! hehe! **

I feel pretty lucky going away on holiday this week. I have that feeling of excitement at getting on a plane bubbling up inside me at work and the days can't go quickly enough! I've been so lucky and happy lately, life really hasn't been all that bad and for that I'm pretty grateful! So on with the list of 5.

1) Theatre lately. I took mum to see Touch at Soho theatre on Tuesday and it was a brilliant play. She met me after work and we went for a really good drink at The London Gin Club (Click here for website) beforehand. The play was fantastic and kept our attention throughout. The main character reminded me a tad of myself in places!
I was also lucky enough to see School of Rock with mum and her friend Suzanne, although I really didn't like it as much as I thought I would. The children were fantastic and the last couple of songs where they rocked out on their instruments was the best bit by far, but I could take it or leave it. I wouldn't go again. 

Then there was Wind in the Willows! This was so surprisingly good! We went for mum's birthday and I booked The Ivy Brasserie for dinner, and the meal was just delicious. So indulgent, relaxing and well done. But then the show just blew me away. I was expecting something aimed more for the kids but this is definitely for all ages. Rufus Hound was fantastic as were the rest of the cast. What a show! 

I was also lucky enough to go to a gig last week. Shapeshifter at Kentish Town. Spoilt or what?!

2) BGCG family picnic was a couple of weeks ago and despite the shit weather, we had a good turnout and managed to raise a decent amount of money again.

3) Went to see my new workmate play in her steel pan orchestra in the sunshine and it was so lovely. I do enjoy a community event and a Jamaican Patty!

4) I hosted my first grown up barbecue at my flat. The food was good, it didn't rain, my friends seemed to enjoy it, I had enough chairs and we played The Chase card game, which was fun!

5)  Lovely neighbours are hard to come by and mine are really sweet. The other day we were all out in the garden having a chat and a cuppa and I felt very lucky.

That's it for now. I guess Minorca will be my next blog... or the delayed Go Ape one!



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