5 joys number 8

1)  I re-discovered my love of reality TV talent shows when I was feeling a bit ill, Let it Shine and The Voice. Let it shine finished on Saturday. I enjoyed Take That getting back together for the finale waaaaaaay more than I should have! Let's not even mention that I'm also just starting Celebs go sating series 2. I think I need help.

2) Sian has nearly finished my Mosaic, it looks beautiful. I can't wait to share some photos, but I can't yet!

3) I've booked a few holidays. One hen do abroad and one spa break up North with the mum and the older sibling. Holidays are definitely a joy to look forward to.

4) Last Sunday, I thought I was going to an "Emergency Meeting" for my gardening community group. I had been catering the night before and when I woke up, I was tired, grumpy and not in the mood to have "Emergency Meetings"! But I went and I tried to smile and when I got there, my lovely friends had only gone and made me a surprise early birthday afternoon tea! I honestly was so overwhelmed and surprised. It was just perfect and lovely and cheered my mood up more than anything could have. Such warm, loving friends with so much interesting stuff to talk about!

5) This weekend just passed was my actual birthday and all my friends came out for dinner and drinks. It was so lovely to have them all there.

** Disclaimer, I should have posted this last week!


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