Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My little pony Sally

The title is misleading. She's not mine! haha! Last week I was dreading riding, they've been putting me on a lovely horse called Tumble, but anyone who has been around riding schools will know that there is that one horse who gets ridden all the time, and last week it was so hot, and Tumble really didn't want to move. I didn't really want to make her either. That's not a fun Sunday activity for me, kicking a tired horse very hard in hot muggy weather.

This week the riding school forgot that we had a lesson, despite being regulars every week! So my friend's horse was out in the field and Tumble wasn't ready, and they put me on a little Pony called Sally, and I might be in love! I love a pony and apparently I ride her well, usually she just has the little kids on her and she can be a naughty pony taking advantage! With me she was a dream! I think I let her down!

Anyway, my friend took some photos on her phone and I think we look quite smart.

 George is attempting to photobomb from the left. He was huge in comparison to Penny at 18 hands!
We had big cuddles afterwards. Such a good girl!