Happy List & Life Lately

Lots of things on my phone which I've been up to lately but don't get a whole blog post of their own. And most of them made me happy! So here they are for me to share with you. I don't do big blog posts when I'm at work because it consumes me a bit and I cut off when I'm get home! :)

1) I met West Ham Football Team when they came to visit my work on their NZ trip. They were so lovely and friendly, also rather pleasing on the eye!

2) Snuggling selfie in the back of a giant 4x4 under blankies with cosy pillows. 

3) Photos of my chicken tikka from cookery class, after which I got a stomach bug, but I don't think it was the cooking because I was the only one in class sick. :( I love cookery class, and the food we make, it's a lot of fun.

4) A new hat with hippy long red hair! Check out my cool fake LV phone case which I borrowed! Haha!

5) My home made weekend breakfasts are the best. All fresh including the Juice from Moore Wilsons where it gets squeezed out of actual oranges! 

6) Selfies with the girls who I haven't been out with in quite some time all together, even though we see each other every day at work. We went to see an amazing dance show. 

7) My bowls of lovely things in the kitchen which are so colourful!

8) Wellington on a plate burgers. This is the special Cafe Polo one. It was so ridiculously delicious and oozy and tasty and all of the describing words! Best burger I have had in a very long time. Seriously. 

9) The team I have worked with for the last couple of years won their first ever award for the development of some tools in the software we use for tracking the visual effects. I am incredibly proud of them. We are a small but great team who really have achieved such a great deal in the last two years. The three above really have put in so much hard work and were the main nominees on the award. Yay! :) 

10) The memorial now that the scaffolding has been taken off. The sun was shining in the photo above and this was taken from my balcony. Sometimes I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world living in this city with a perfect little apartment and a view like this on a sunny day. 

I have had so many other lovely Wellington experiences lately, mainly involving food; Tapas & beer tasting night at Basque the new Spanish place in town, more tapas with my work colleagues at Havana, lunches at Spruce Goose on the beach at Lyall Bay, drinks in Goldings, Malthouse, Meow, Paramount, Five Stags & Rogue and Vagabond. BEERVANA on Friday too!

I am spoilt. Go to all of the above, they are great places. 


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