Whanganui Bay Day 2

The night before, we slowly filtered off to bed, and woke up to a slightly brighter morning than the day before. The sun attempted to peek in and out of the clouds, and Stefan decided to do some yoga at the edge of the lake. 

We went for a little walk, and cleaned out the bach ready for the next lucky people to stay in there. Maybe it will be us again? I definitely want to go back before I go home!

^^ Have you ever seen a figure more meant for the outdoors and country life?! Haha! ^^
^^ A little splash of colour in an otherwise fairly grey and wintery landscape. ^^

^^ That's our delightful long drop on the right hand side of the photo above. ^^
^^ A group shot. Jaye looks like our parent here. ^^

^^ We stopped by the side of the road to get these photos ^^

And it was amazing until we followed our nosed and found this carcuss. I think it was a cow, but I'm not sure, and wow, the smell was awful. Not even sure why I've included it here, but there it is. We have 2 blogs in a row with dead animals.
Then the next photo is a complete contrast with a gorgeous rainbow. 

We <3 you Taupo. Hope to see you soon!


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