Life lately

Life lately has been pretty much all work. Until now. We finished making that film I work on, and it was a bit of a relief to be honest! Now I can enjoy the sunshine and Christmas and get out and about again. I'm not heading back to the UK this year, but my mum and brother are coming to see me and we're going to do a bit of traveling. 

So it's been a fair while since an update and I have lots of new blog ideas, but until then. Here's a bit of my life from my iphone. It's mainly pretty views! 

^^ Watching old musicals on a projector. :) ^^

Cool street art in Wellington. I'm saving loads on my proper camera for a dedicated post. 

^^ Bunkers at the top of Massey on a sunny day a good couple of months ago. ^^

Being sent a new dress from mum made me smile. :) 

^^ Rainbows from my balcony. ^^

^^ I took this photo of a beautiful pink sky from my friend's balcony in Miramar. There are just so many beautiful skies at the moment. ^^

^^ Halloween make-up which my friend Jill did so I could go to the Weta Halloween party. Now just need an outfit for the Christmas one. ^^

^^ Jose in the garden. ^^

^^ The gorgeous Siobhan on her hen night with Jeannie. I only made it for an hour or so because of work as well as missing her wedding. But she had an amazing time and is Now Mrs Fredin. ^^

^^ Mt Vic Lookout. I wish I'd had my proper camera. :( ^^

^^ Santa strawberries. My manager helped me make these one day to cheer everyone up! ^^

 ^^ The view from my friend Nina's garden at sunset. Beautiful. ^^


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