Life lately through my iPhone

What has happened in Wellington lately other than work I hear you ask? Not a huge amount, apart from the obvious movie watching, film festival (update coming soon), going to the gym, and hanging with friends. I've been bad at recording my life of late. Beervana was memorable, Shapeshifter, Eddie visiting from the UK and the many, many earthquakes we've been having. Blogging is easing back in slowly, here is an update from my iPhone. 

Baking mini citrus tarts for work buddies. 

Rainbows on a rainy day in Lyall Bay. 

The Park Road Post Lab closing. :(

Selfies of nice haircuts and styling done for me by my buddy Marcus.

Brunches with Jaye and the babies, Jose & Chloe. 

Sunny day walks on Maupuia.

Yimmy beer that tastes of tea. 

Shapeshifter in the beautiful Old Town Hall. 

An old man singing covers at Beervana who made us very happy. 

Selfies in toilets in small night clubs at silly times of the morning.

Oh and did I mention beer? Lots of tasty beer. 

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