Thursday, 29 August 2013

5 things that made me happy - pt 1

I was reading a blog that I like, and a this one girl, Rosie writes a regular post about 10 things that made her happy that week. 

I think this is lovely, and a great way to look at life. I'm trying to be generally more positive lately, and reflecting on the things that make you happy, even if just small, is a good way be. 

So, 5 things that have made me happy in the last week or so. 

1) Miki lip glosses. They cost me four NZ dollars (or two of our British Pounds) and are just brilliant. My favourite new bargain make up purchase. 

2) Cooking Roast dinner for my friends. 

3) New Zealand Craft beers with my friend Amy. Epic's Hop Zombie &Garage Project's Pils and Thrills were my favourites this week. 

4) My dance class at the gym after a hard day at work. 

5) Chicken Teriyaki from Katsu Udon in Wellington with salad i made at home with a movie after the gym.