Royal Not Afternoon Tea & Matilda

Last week, I went to “Royal Not Afternoon Tea.” We wanted to do something nice as we were going to see Matilda in the evening.  So we did a spot of shopping in Harvey Nichols and then trudged up to the Fifth Floor for cocktails and cakes.

I’ve yet to complete one of these “blog hauls" but I can happily show you my purchases! It was mainly food in the food hall and some sunglasses and jeans!

The information on booking the afternoon tea is on their official website here

It doesn’t involve any savoury food, so I recommend lunch before you head there. I must say, the cocktail was delicious, I had two. But I was a tad disappointed with the cakes. Here are my Pictures. I think the image on their website looks much more delicious….

This was the pizza and Juice we shared previous to the tea. We had this in the Food Hall at the counter. It was a delicious home made Pizza and fresh juice. Mine was the Pear Power. Mum's was the fresh orange. No complaints here. It was all yummy. 

And then to Matilda! Definitely no complaints about that one. It was the best Musical I have seen in a long time. Bar None. Go and see it! The children are incredibly talented and will have you gasping with pleasure throughout as they dance and sing for you!


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