5 joys number 9

This blog post is late, so there are more happy things than just 5, but I like to keep to a routine so I'll stick to 5! Because it's late, at least 3 things in there are theatre and some newer things I've done are missing!

Things that have made me happy in the last few weeks need to be noted, even if late. It's the only consistent in my life and on this blog right now, that's not a bad thing, it just means life is very busy and it's very important to me personally, that I have these blogs to look back on in future, as that's the only reason I've consistently kept up with my writing, private and public. It's for me.

On with the list anyway.

1) The warmer spring weather has been amazing right? We have light later in the day and we don't have to wrap up warm. The blossoms and daffodils are abundant and last week I ate pizza outside in the church garden in Soho and then went home for an early afternoon of DIY in my garden. T-shirt only! Whoop! Summer soon and more community gardens meetings and volunteer days and summer fetes and holidays and ice cream! All of the things!

2) She loves me was such a great little show at The Menier Chocolate Factory and I didn't realise how many songs I knew from it. A brilliant old fashioned musical.

3) The Girls was just amazingl. Wow! It made me laugh and cry and grab Kathryn's arm and have all of the feelings. Well done Gary Barlow and the team behind it, truly heartwarming piece of theatre and I felt very lucky to see it so near the beginning of the run.

4) American in Paris was again, stunning. The dancing and choreography was incredible. A must see and the director was sat just behind us because it was a preview night!

5) International Women's day, just because. I took the guys from work to a panel of women from our industry. Drinks afterwards and a great room of women and men to chat to.

I'll go now. This blog is way too late, some of these things are weeks old. I couldn't even write that much!



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