Thursday, 12 March 2015

Things that have made me happy recently - Feb-March Edition

Things that have made me happy recently for this month. 

1) Old photos of my childhood. Mum has been putting up old photos on the wall again. She used to have this big wall in the hallway at home, full of family classics in loads of frames and when we decorated a few years ago they all came down and didn't go back up for a good few years. I thought it was going to make the place look cluttered putting them back up, but last week she got them out again and it's really nice to see them back. All the family back together. The one above is me at Ballet class. It was in the local newspaper as well, yet I still never made it as a Prima Ballerina. More of a barrelina as I used to call it!

2) Spring is coming! The sun has been out and flowers have been starting to sprout early here and there if you look carefully.  The other day Liberty just looked beautiful in the sunshine as I walked to work in the morning so I took a little instagram, and they ony bloody regrammed me because they liked it so much! That made my day and made me feel popular!

3) Talking of seasons changing, Havaianas on Carnaby Street got rid of the wellies in the window, and the flip flops (Jandals, thongs, sandals whatever you want to call them) are back. It made me feel summery with it's bright colours and reminded me that I only have a few weeks before I fly to Jamaica for a week's holiday in paradise drinking rum in coconuts and Red Stripe beer on the beach with all of the yummy jerk chickens and the dancing people. I'm so excited I may explode before we leave.

4) Mark and I kicked off our new project on Sunday, I'd love to give up work for it to be honest! I have loads of new job ideas to work for myself, I'm just not convinced I'll make enough money right now. My brain hasn't felt this creative in years though, I tell you that. I'm very motivated too. The very dark and unflattering photo above is a hint of what we were doing. I'm trying not to procrastinate, things go in a list in my notebook and I must get at least 5-10 things crossed off a week around my normal job. "Just get on with it" is the new saying, especially at the weekend. My spare time outside work is limited and I don't want to waste any of it. I also have so much to do these days, the list becomes overwhelming if I don't hit it hard. This Sunday above, was so satisfying. I went to bed feeling really tired, a good feeling. 

5) Recording with Ben has made the list once again. You can't beat a good sing, and this week, Ben brought some of his home brew along, which was delicious.

That's it for now, there are a few other things which have made me happy. A really great treatment at Pasha in Camberwell bought by my brother for my birthday, lunch with a friend from NZ who I haven't seen in a while, dinner with Louisa last night who I also haven't seen in a while, dad paying my car tax for me and now I just have to pay him back in my own time (not that I couldn't afford it, just that he opened the reminder and thought he'd be nice and do it for me!)

Going for a drink tonight with another friend/old work colleague who I haven't seen in a while. So excited!

This weekend will bring dinner at Brendan's tomorrow, a birthday dinner on Saturday in town, and Mother's day meal out on Sunday. I need to choose my food carefully or I'll be a heffalump in a bikini in Jamaica!

Until my next post.