Happy List

Time for another happy list. I am trying to look on the bright side of life with everything right now.

Things that made me happy over the last few weeks. Starting with food. Obviously.

1) Making poached eggs. I don't know why I was scared of making them, they are so easy, and I just love the big, delicious free range ones from the Market on Sunday Morning. I watched a video on You Tube, this one here, and away I went. They were perfect!

2) Going back to dance class. I've had a bad knee, and it was finally feeling up to going back. I go to Les Mills Gym in Wellington and Saturday's Bodyjam class with Cade is sure to make me smile, followed by Sh'bam with Flash who is just so happy. There's no better way to have fun. If you think you won't like it, you're probably wrong. You are never the only person who can't keep up, everyone is friendly, and it really doesn't matter if you aren't that good. It's just fun. I followed this with more dancing at an 80s night with my lovely friends. See? I'm happy in this photo!

3) Yoga at work. We have a class once a week and we donate the proceeds to my friend Shobita's charity The Karunai Illam Trust. She works tirelessly to help the children at the orphanage and she truly is a good soul. So Yoga and helping charity, a fantastic way to feel great about yourself at lunch time! Here are some of the children, head over to the page and see how you can help.

4) Going back to the UK for a holiday. I'm heading back to the UK for the first time in over a year this July. I can't wait to catch up with family and friends. And I don't have to fly via bloody LA with it's silly ESTA and rules. Dubai airport shopping on the stopover, here I come! And I get to see my gorgeous dog Max!

5) Pizza & Beer Wednesday. My friend Amy and I like to drink beer, and there are some great craft beer bars in Wellington. Goldings is a funky little place in Leeds St and they serve delicious Pizza from Pomodoro's over the road. Hands down, my favourite Pizza in Welly. Wednesday night is $10.00 pizza night, simple margherita with fresh basil on top. DELICIOUS!

6) Chocolate. The best Chocolate is from Wellington Chocolate Factory.  Dark, delicious, ethical, made from scratch here in Welly. Check them out, especially if you love dark chocolate like me... I might have to pop down there now....

7) Live music. I went to see the Arctic Monkeys and it was the first big gig I've been to in rather a long time. I loved it. They were as brilliant as ever.

8) The Matterhorn in Cuba Street do this AMAZING buttermilk chicken in truffle oil coated popcorn. I think this is what we were eating. Either way, it was heaven in a bowl. My body hates me for all the rich food I've been shoving down my gob lately. But honestly, good food makes a person happy. Everyone should try a bowl of this wonderful stuff.

9) Going to the food show at Westpac stadium with my friends. We ate a drank and giggled our way round for over 6 hours. I was knackered by the end, but it was so much fun, and great value for money. 

10) And finally, meeting a bumblebee at the food show. I made him hug me twice. My smile in the photo says it all. 

What has made you happy over the last few weeks? Mine seem very food related looking back over all of this. I swear I did other things too! 


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