5 joys number 6

1) My first joy of the week is girlfriends. Despite the fact that I get on with more men than women and I'm surrounded by men every day with limited female contact, there is the disappointment that comes with having so many men around me who aren't quite on the same emotional level, and sometimes that can make life hard! (brace yourself men if you are reading this, yes it's a broad statement and yes, it might hurt but it does apply to most of you that are in my life!) They aren't as loyal or emotional, they are forgetful and they never treat me that nicely or carefully, well not as much as the girls anyway, girls just are better at that stuff. So it's something I have to live with and get the girl time when I can!

So I am joyful, because this week my ladies have been amazing when I've been feeling so rubbish about myself and it was amplified by having the annoying boys around!  Sian came in at a good time and spent 24 hours listening to my woes and building me a beautiful mosaic. Miranda also called to check on me the other night and we ended up in a 2.5 hour conversation similar to that of when we were teenagers. I followed that with a FaceTime to my girl Jaye in New Zealand who was as glamorous as ever and has always been there for me since we met 5 years ago in New Zealand, followed by another hilarious face time with her on Sunday night for over an hour when she had been up partying all night! Amy also facetimed me at work this morning with her lovely pink hair. She always remembers and thinks of me. Big love for these ladies and how they've come through for me recently even if it does mean a few late nights!

2) My dad. Sometimes when you're having a bad week and things get on top of you and you're on the M1 having a little cry in the service station, you just have to call dad, even if you are a very grown up 34 years old. He's comforting and knows just the right things to say and he makes you come over to his house for a ride on the back of his scooter in the winter sunshine, freezing your butt off, pushing the adrenaline up and finishing with a nice glass of red wine in a warm country pub. Then he gives you a nice album of music he bought for you afterwards. I'm such a daddy's girl....

3) That nicely leads into my next joy. I bought a scooter! We went out for a ride on Saturday and I bought this little number. Now I can join his scooter rides and so can Miranda and Louise who just bought a vespa. Yuss! Makes doing my CBT worthwhile! Here's a still from the video dad took of me on it. I can't wait for the Summer! Not sure if I'll actually commute to central London but you never know!

4) Sunday cooking again. This needs to be a regular tradition in my house and I think it might be. I have so little time to cook for just myself, or anyone else and Sunday is the perfect day. Mum has started popping over when she finishes teaching so that I can feed her leftovers or feed her at the same time, depending on what we're having. This week we cooked a huge batch of chilli, followed by a chocolate cake served warm with ice cream. So good!

5) Moana, what a lovely movie! A Disney film with a gorgeous story, a strong female character, beautiful animation and no silly love story! Fave film of the week and a warm fuzzy on Saturday night with a glass of wine.

This is quite a female strong post, apart from the comments about my dad. Great one as it was women's day at the weekend and all those wonderful marches happened!


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