5 joys number 4

This last few weeks have been filled with the things of joyfulness, how could it not be over Christmas and New Year?! This blog is a little late, but hopefully it will give me more to condense into the next one. I'm not even including photos this week!

1) I made a party! I mean, we made a party... me and the other work chummies, but it was an actual success! People came, they drank, and no-one destroyed the office. We were all suitably hungover the next day and ate all of the junk food, which seems to have been a common theme this month. Christmas Parties. Love 'em. I think I might be a stone heavier now it's Jan though...

2) A Christmas Carol - Mum and I went to a one off performance with Carrie Fletcher, Giovanna Fletcher and Robert Lindsay in it. It was a showcase for The London Musical Theatre Orchestra more than anything, but Carrie Fletcher's voice sends shivers down my spine and Robert Lindsay was just fantastic as Scrooge. I felt truly festive afterwards. That may have been helped by the 3 glasses of Red Wine I drank while I was there.... Rip off glasses at London theatre prices (£11 a glass anyone? £11 fucking pounds a glass?!!) but tasty ones! I also took the little sister to see The Bodyguard which I thought would be shit, but actually really wasn't! It was like watching a really good Beverly Knight gig with a cheesy script around it, not too bad, I enjoyed it for the most part! Giggled at the cheesy bits.

3) Everyone coming round to my new flat. It's a great little flat for entertaining and everyone seems to enjoy it! I've had 4 sleepovers in a month and loads of friends over, it's a really sociable and cosy place! We had New Year and played some board games and strung up the fairy lights. Lush!

4) Sensing a Christmas Theme here? Christmas lunches! I had my second one of December, the first one was the BGCG one, and then we had one at work. Just a pub lunch, you know? But it's rare we all sit round a table and eat together. Then Christmas dinner which ended up being the most hilarious ever with mum managing to cook the turkey upside down and the dogs stealing the brussel sprouts!

5) We finished work for a week and a half! A whole week and a half off?! That's the longest I've had since February. I sat on my arse and watched few series back to back and had some very productive time round the flat and did some sale shopping. It was awesome!  (hopefully my flat shall look lovely enough to post some photos soon!

Hope you all had the most wonderful Christmases and that it brought you all joy. Onto some delayed resolutions now! :)


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