5 joys number 2

It's time for round two of my five little joys. I need to concentrate on the positives in life right now, we all do, but I feel it strongly at this moment! It's been a bloody hard week!

• I went to my friend Lottie's 30th birthday at her incredible family home up in Bleathwood and it was the best party I've been to in a long, long time. Maybe it's because I don't drive a lot, but I do really enjoy a drive up the country on my own, music blaring in my little car with my road trip picnic, music and thoughts to keep me company. It's a total disconnect from my normal life where I'm glued to screens and technology and as I got deeper into the heart of the countryside, I felt myself breathe deeply and immediately like I'd gone on a mini break holiday. The party was amazing and filled with some of the most delightful, interesting people I've had the pleasure to talk to and I had the opportunity to dress up for the night and wear a long dress. I loved it and I didn't go to bed till 5am! Go me! I don't really have any photos of how dressed up I was, but 3 friends didn't recognise me! I took a selfie in the mirror to have a memory! Look how charming that bathroom is! 

• I move to my new flat this weekend. It's felt like ages coming along, but now it's nearly here I'm a little bit nervous! I've ordered the sofa and it's supposed to be delivered the same day I'm moving in. I have loads of furniture and bits and bobs gathering up and a moving crew of no less than 3 men with a large van. I am really lucky that everyone has offered to help, and in theory, I should be all moved in in no time! As I've been feeling some anxiety recently which I'm trying to address, the offers of help have been heartwarming and really made me feel better.

• Deadly Ponies Gang has been released for free on Vimeo. Free! It's such a fantastic little film which I watched a few years ago during the NZ film festival, it deserves to be shared and better known. It's made me so happy to know that I can watch it whenever I like with any of my friends. I feel a Christmas movie night coming on in the new flat! Watch it here!

• I've been spreading my wings outside of my comfort zone when it comes to networking. It's not something that comes easily to me. "But you're not shy" I hear you say. But yes, I am. I struggle with new people, or people who I'm not as close to as my core friends. I have also always struggled with the concept of crossing friends over with business. But I'm getting better and more comfortable with it and have had some good meetings lately with friends and ex-colleagues I haven't see in some time. Feels great!

• Getting ready for Christmas. I have a love hate relationship with Christmas. Loving the fact that my little sister decided she wanted theatre tickets, I bought them, she's happy, job done! Loving the fact that I am making her and my mum a personalised advent calendar with lots of little gifts. I won't talk about the bits I'm not loving, because this is meant to be the joyful post! Going to the Ideal Home Christmas show this Friday. Mum and I went last year and it was soooooooooo festive and we got soooooooooo much free stuff! I love free stuff! Who doesn't?! I'm very excited about doing our new yearly ritual for the second year in a row!

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