5 joys number 1

I recently bought a book for Miranda's birthday. It was a small diary and you have to fill it out every day with 3 happy things which have happened in your life that day.

I've spoken about this before but it's all far too easy to look on the negative side.

So a few things which have made my life great lately, so I can look back and see that having man flu wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to me!

• I got a new flat! It's one bedroom, has a cute little garden and is near my family and friends. I move into it in just over 4 weeks and am currently enjoying looking at furniture online and buying various bits. I wish it was sooner, but it's actually quite nice to have time to find the new things I've been saving up for so I can get them ready for moving day. It's such a relief to finally have my own place.

• I visited my brother in Leeds last week and had the best drive up there, even though it rained most of the time. We went shopping, drank red wine and visited our aunties and cousin who we hadn't seen in far too long. It was lovely!

• We got an extra floor in our office, we were waiting for some previous occupants to move out. They are finally gone and now we have a bit too much space, but it's lovely not to be squashed up! We also purchased a Tefal egg toaster machine thing. It's going to change our day to day working lives for the better forever. EGGS!

• I cleared out my wardrobe with Kathryn over a few glasses of wine in preparation for the move. We got slightly drunk in the process but I rediscovered some great old clothes. One dress in particular was a winner last week!

• I made lunch for the last 3 days instead of buying it in expensively. Proud of myself!

5 little joys.



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