Friday, 3 July 2015

Highgate Cemetary West

I have this gorgeous friend Su and she takes tours at Highgate Cemetary. The tour has been on my to do list pretty much since I went away to New Zealand and found out she was doing them and that I would be too far away to go. So on Saturday night, Mum, her friend Suzanne and I all went to Highgate West Cemetary to hear a bit of History and look at some gravestones and tombs. Dark!

It rained all day and the ladies weren't best pleased with that, but they ploughed on ahead anyway (I was very proud) bringing raincoats and an umbrella each, and in a way the weather made for the perfect graveyard atmosphere.

The air smelt lovely, the greeenery was lush and overgrowing everywhere you looked, and although I had promised myself I would try and stick to B&W photography, some of the greens and mossy colours were too good not to pick up in colour. I've decided it doesn't matter, I'm going to mix my favourites of the two together. So without babbling any longer because it's tken me forever to get this post up, here are the photos and if you like the idea of learning about a famous and historic cemetery, you can find out more about tours here:

This is where I flipped into black and white.

Su took us up telling us lots of grave stories along the way.

And then sometimes I would flip back to colour, because the rain and lush overgrowth!

This one below was vandalised a few years back before the Friends of Highgate Cemetery came in and starting protecting the place. Creepy huh? Who would break into a grave?!