You do not have to conform

Questions I got asked the other day after I had been doing DIY in the garden and popped to a family party. 

1) "Why aren't you wearing make up?" 

2) "Oh, you're still living with your mum?" 

3) "Oh you're really thirty two? Oh my where did the time go? Where's the man? Why aren't you getting on with it? 

1) I'm not wearing make up because I spent the day doing DIY, I'm tired and I don't see the problem with not wearing any. I wear it when I like to wear it and want to, not because I feel I should. 

2) Yes I'm living with my mum. Not ideal but I am single and saving money. Happy with my decisions thanks. 

3) Where is the man?

Why do people feel the need to ask these questions? Does it make them feel better about themselves in some way? 

^^oh noes! I just spent half a day at work with no make up on, someone quick, come and get me before I scare everyone away!^^

Let's not even go back to the time a "friend" told me I needed to get some fake tan on my legs before wearing a short skirt again. Fuckwit. 

I am enjoying sharing my feelings with the world right now. I hope my thoughts are well received! 


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