Things that have made me happy recently

From a really grumpy post, to one full of happy things. This is pretty out of date and out life of order, Jamaica 2 should have been first, but when I go through my phone, this is what made me happy and it hasn't been on the blog yet!

1) This food from Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen near Warren St. The food was amazing. The service wasn't great, I wasn't drinking alcohol that night but I didn't even get offered a soft drink by the waiters or waitresses once in the whole evening. They also left us for over an hour at the end without offering anyone coffee or dessert.

The pork belly steamed bun made it so worth it though, I would go back for the food. It was a gorgeous evening catching up with friends who I haven't seen for a while.

2) I built a soft box for taking photos of things I sell online, and potentially the blog. It was really fun and cost me around £5.00 all in, I love making things and I'm really excited to test it out. 

If anyone wants to see the whole thing, just let me know! 

3) Discovering a new viewpoint over london near my house. You can see everything from harrow on the hill, to the BT Tower and the shard. 

It's not actually officially public land for a couple of months and I want it to be my secret for a little while, some horrible young lads with crowbars have already discovered it as their hangout spot, I had to leave fairly promptly the other night when they brought it out. Why on earth would you want a crowbar in a field at a beautiful viewpoint like this? 

The sunset that evening was just incredible too. People following my instagram will have seen the gorgeous colours.

4) This little man hiding behind the bar at the pub when Digby the shnauzer kept growling at him. So cute!
5) A visit to Alice underground last Sunday. So much fun, it's immersive theatre based on Alice in Wonderland. You can get tickets at the website below and it's on until August.

6) This mozzarella and cherry tomato salad I made myself for dinner one night with filled jackets. Mmmmm...

7) My new car. I feel like to luckiest girl in the world to have a car like this, but now I'm poor! 

8) This duck in the disgusting flooded alleyway behind my work. Someone has a sense of humour and made him some shark friends. Don't know where he's gone now though! :( 

So I made up for my grumpy post with some happy nice things! 



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