The bad day

Sometimes you have those weeks where everything goes wrong and you just want to crawl back into bed and never come out again. Cue some moaning about my first world problems. Hopefully they only come in three’s as my mum always says, because I had three things that really riled me. 

Sometimes these problems are your own fault. In all three instances, I have explained how you can avoid being as stupid as me and having such a bad week. 

1) I tried to sell the cursed yellow Ali G car on Saturday, well part exchange it for a new one. When the garage where I took it checked the history, it had some sort of outstanding finance on it from 2004 which someone hadn’t paid off. I have only had the car for one year, so it’s not my fault. Anyway, this was after I had finished paying for my new car and I was rushing to get my little brother to his sports class, so I ended up having to deal with a lot of hassle, pay and extra few hundred pounds, now clearing up finance overhanging on a car that doesn’t have finance on it from a company that doesn’t exist any more is proving to be a nightmare. UGH

LESSON: Don’t let your mum and brother replace your car when you are miles away in New Zealand. You end up with something that looks like Ali G's car, falls apart and is a hassle to get rid of.

2) As I was leaving said garage from buying my new car which should be a joyful experience, I got a text from my bank. This text informed me that someone was trying to spend £2000 on my credit card online at some sort of wholefoods company. Cue 30 mins on hold to Lloyds resolving that one. 

LESSON: I can only think this came from paywave. I use my card on the underground and hang it round my neck with my work pass. I am stopping this now. It’s stupid and I have gone back to an old fashioned oyster card. Be careful with your cards people. 

3) Yesterday morning my car got clamped. It was my own fault, because when I left the UK 3 years ago there was a grace period for taxing your car. It turns out that’s not the case any more, and I hadn’t got round to it yet because I thought there was time. At 3am this morning, the DVLA crept up to my house and right outside my bedroom window, clamped the wheel, making me late for work and costing me £100.00 to release it. 3AM!!!! WHAT KIND OF FUCKING STALKER CLAMPERS COME OUT AT 3AM TO A RESIDENTIAL STREET ON A TUESDAY NIGHT? OH YEAH, THE DVLA CREEPY FUCKING STALKERS!

LESSON: pay for your car tax online while you are standing on the forecourt buying your car. If you don’t have a smartphone to do this then you’d better get on the case, because I also learnt this morning that if you can’t do it online then the post office take 5 days to go through and then they can still clamp you and then you have to apply for a refund afterwards. They are total thieving bastards.  

So please world. Send out your good vibes to me. I don’t really use this blog as a complaining spot, and I understand that ALL of these problems are first world issues, not big problems in the grand scheme of things, but they have all made my week infinitely more difficult whilst trying to work in a full time job. It’s my blog and I wanted to get it off my chest and it will be a good reminder to me when I read back in future, that this was trivial, things could be worse and I was just whining bitch. 

And hopefully also show the world that people who blog their lives, usually only talk about the good shit. Not the mundane, trivial every day crap that drives us mad. So here. Have some problems, a problem shared is a problem halved right? Feel free to vent about anything in your life which has been similar this week and I will offer you my fullest sympathy and online cuddles

I will use the end of this post to tell you all that my gorgeous friend Amy Shand wrote and illustrated a book called “The Bad Day” which I love very much. And as I wrote this post, I thought of her because she texted me hugs this morning. And I thought of her little illustrations of Clarence looking sad on his bad day. 

You can buy a copies online through her website I believe. It’s a lovely birthday gift for certain grown-ups and a great bedtime reading book. 

You can preview it online on youtube here

And Amy has copies to sell so you contact her here



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