Bucket list and happy birthday blog

I'm a daydreamer. Always have been. I’d say it’s because I’m a pisces, but I’m not so sure I really believe in starsigns anyway. 


I’ve been going through quite a few changes in the last 6 months since I moved home to London. I’ve not been totally happy in my new job, which led to me handing in my notice last week. I’d love to be finished sooner, but we agreed I’d finish work in July. I want to take a break and try and improve on things in my personal lifeIt would be nice to have some time over the summer to enjoy my family, friends and things the world has to offer. I never went travelling before or after University, I’m feeling the bug now and I spend a lot of time dreaming about travel and anything but the job at hand. 


I’ve decided that it’s all very well having a great career, but I’m not really enjoying the rest of my life too much because I’m never home. I mean I moved all the way to New Zealand for my job for two and a half years, which is possibly where the restlessness started unintentionally. I don’t want to work for a big corporation any more, that’s for sure, I want to work for nice people in smaller companies, with feelings, emotions and passions. 


And seriously, there aren’t enough days in the week for me to finish everything I want to do around my job, DIY, going to the gym, helping mum round the house, travel, walking the dog, art, writing blogs, taking photos, singing, something has to give, why not work?! Haha!


I’m writing this on my lunch break at work, because I haven’t even had time to write my second Jamaica blog post, I’m out every night, tonight helping a friend with their business ideas,and security in my company is so tight on the internet, I can’t really do a photo related blog post, only a writing one, unless I drag my poor sad macbook into work (which lost my whole NZ video edit and may need to be chucked out of the window soon anyway!


Anyway, the point is, over the last few years, I’ve had a wonderful time documenting my life on here. I wish I had started it many years before I actually did. I’ve done some pretty cool things that I always wanted to do, things I didn’t know I wanted to do until I did them. And some were so awesome they blew my socks off and I retrospectively put them on the bucket list


I’m currently compiling lists of things I want to do, am scheduling for the next few months and making plans for the future, and I figured a bucket list is a great way to get some of the dreams down that may not be immediate. I can prioritise some things over the next few years, like Florida and Disney, number 2 on the list, as we might not want to be doing those things in our forties! Wait till I tell my bro I want to drag him theme parking in Florida! Not sure how he’ll feel about that one! 


haven’t put anything on this list that I’ve already done, like gloworms, getting a degree and walking down red carpets, no point in looking back, I want to look forward, especially after the nightmare I had about certain bullies last night which seemed to occur at a poignant time. This bucket list is full of brand spanking new things which I want to do, so if I succeed in any, I’ll try to come back and put a put a little note by it and link to any corresponding blog post I write upbecause I now intend to do this blog forever and ever and ever


Oooh I love a list! As all my family and friends will tell you. So on with my bucket list. 


Let me know in the comments if you have any that are the same and we can try and do them together! 

1) Sky dive.
2) Visit Disney world Florida (and possibly all of the Florida theme parks, one at least with my brother before we get too old.)
3) Road trip across America, particularly the bits that border South America so I can flip across the borders. Don’t you like how I make it sound so easy? Just flip!
4) Road trip & camp round France and Italy and go to every European country in the summer time visiting vineyards, monuments, sunbathing and discovering amazing food.
5) Buy/Own my own house
6) Own a VW camper van (or if worse comes to worse just rent one for a long holiday and pretend it’s mine!)
7) Go to Glastonbury and pay to stay in the posh teepee tents instead of the normal way. Be a VIP!
8) Sing a musical theatre song on the west end stage, preferably “Nothing” from A Chorus Line or a duet from Miss Saigon. 
9) Learn to ride a motorbike/scooter
10) See the Northern lights and stay in an ice hotel
11) Build my own house and grow my own food in the garden. 
12) Visit Thailand
13) Live in New York for a little while
14) Master skiing and go regularly
15) Live on a canal boat/own one
16) Have a child
17) Publish a book
18) Learn to play Ukelele
19) Learn to play guitar
20) Play in a polo match and go on a hunt

21) Visit Hawaii .

22) Master being able to stand up on a surfboard, not just fall off as soon as I try and get off my knees. 

23) Visit as much of the British Isles as I can, including Isle of White, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. 

24) Go on a Helicopter trip

25) Ride in a hot air balloon. 

26) Spend at least a week riding horses in the Western style on a ranch in the US. I want to lasso something!

27) Parasail

28) Go to Coachella

29) Complete St John’s ambulance. Learn how to resuscitate someone or help if they have a heart attack

30) Own my own business

31) Float in the dead sea

32) Volunteer for charity abroad

33) Travel alone. Which I have already done in small amounts, but I want to do it more, this is my reminder to myself. 

34) Ride a big zip line. Not one of the puny ones in a kids playground. A big one, with views! 

35) Camp on a beach. 

36) Build an amazing treehouse and stay in one overnight. 

37) Summer holiday in my car in the south of the UK. 

38) “DO” Las Vegas

39) Holiday in a log cabin in the snow. Preferably in a romantic setting with some sort of Man who I have an interest in! With a log fire, food and booze! 

40) Learn how to be a much better photographer

41) Finish my family tree

40) Fall in love/find the love of my life.


I couldn't think of any more things I wanted to add. Good really as this is quite a list of things to do! 


Don’t forget to message me in the comments or via social media if you know me on there, I’d love to hear if we have bucket list points in common or if you want to share and experience! 

And finally, happy 3rd birthday blog. I promise to update you more soon. 




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