My final LA Photos

When you're only in LA for two days and one of those is filled with Disneyland adventures, the other day must be totally jam packed with all of the other things! That's is what this blog is. ALL OF THE THINGS ALL OF THE TIME.

The day started with the famous ihop for breakfast. I'm so glad we don't have it in the UK. I'd be humungous from eating it all of the time! It was my favourite breakfast in a while by far with it's bacons and eggs and syrups and whipped butter malarkey...

I've never had pancakes this light and delicious. :)

After breakfast, we cruised down to Santa Monica Pier. This bird below was standing guard. It feels like the birds actually know how to pose round here! 

No thank you. I don't want to touch your snake.

I imagine this man, his parrots and snakes have been hanging out here for some time now.

The pier is full of old seaside charm.
We rode the big wheel to get some aerial shots.

I love these lampposts.

After Santa Monica pier, we headed up the hill to the observatory and Hollywood sign. Here I played with some settings I never knew I had on my camera. :)

Inevitable Instagram selfie and photo for the album. 

For anyone wondering, my dress is Jack Wills and glasses are Chanel. Cardi is New Look. A few people mentioned it. 

We headed inside for a cold drink and spot to take in the view. 

As the sun began to set, we headed down to the walk of fame to find a new star belonging to a certain man and looked at all of the hands in front of  the Chinese theatre. 

This photo above with Chewie was an accident... A certain person ended up interacting with him because he thought he was a furry pine tree... *cough rob cough*. It gave us a giggle anyway!
I find the pharmacy man above a little creepy. 

But I still posted an instagram of him. 

The evening was to be dedicated to something called a blooming onion/onion loaf at a place called Tony Roma's.

I gather this is just a chain restaurant, nothing too special, but the onion loaf is "the best one ever" which I had to try while I was in LA, apparently.

So we met up with a friend of Rob and Tim's and off we went to Universal City walk.

Garlic bread. Meh, not that great.

Onion loaf below.... mmmm.... everything you'd expect from deep fried onion, and when you add Ranch dressing, my goodness that thing is moreish.

Accompanied by big racks of ribs. American style!

After this, we got taken for our last stop of the night, The Hotel Roosevelt for a nightcap. Home of the first Academy awards and a bit of classic Hollywood style with a really good cocktail and liquor selection. Quiet on a Sunday night, but with a few wannabe famous girls sat round the bar flirting, our friend told us a bit of History about the place over the years mixed in with some scandalous gossip and showed us the amazing ballroom.

I couldn't think of a more perfect place to have a drink on our last night.

We got up the next morning for our last day, went for breakfast and a bit of last minute shopping. Sad our whirlwind trip was nearly over and very conscious of having to watch our waistlines after Christmas.

This was our last meal, breakfast on the Santa Monica shopping precinct. 

LA was amazing. It exceeded my expectations actually because i thought I wouldn't really like it. My main aim was to fulfil that childhood dream of going to Disneyland. Maybe because I had so little time to fit everything in, and because we stayed on a gorgeous part of Venice beach, it felt like there was a lot to see and do and like I was driving through a movie set sometimes because everything is so familiar from the films. 

LA, I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks for giving me a few days of sunshine and happiness. 

And thank you to my friends Rob & Tim, who chauffeured me about in a nice Merc for 3 days taking me to do and see everything. You guys are truly the best. 


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