Movies I have seen lately - 1

I'm not a movie reviewer, definitely not! I also don't intend or want to be. But I do work in film and I spend a lot of time watching them, particularly since I moved to New Zealand's film capital Wellington, I seem to watch loads! I know what I like and I know what I don't like. I know what cinemas I like and which ones I don't. (Chains like Vue and Reading suck!) 

I don't believe that everyone will agree with me on my opinions, if I've learnt anything working in this industry, you can work on the most amazing intellectual films, but actually just enjoy a nice romanntic comedy, or a bit of reality TV. Everyone is different, there is no right or wrong. 

So, in the last month or two, I am guilty of indulging in the following. 

Beyonce @ The Embassy in Wellington. One of the best cinemas anywhere in the world. Honestly, statistically it actually is! The projectors, the sound, and just the general architecture of the building are better than most in any cinemas around the world. It's the only custom built 1920's cinema still in use in New Zealand and during the renovations for the recent world premiere of The Hobbit, had the most incredible Dolby Atmos set up and a world class projector. You can read more here
Beyonce was an awesome documentary if you're a fan. Her voice sends shivers down my spine and you get an insight into her life which has never really been revealed before.

Shopping - I saw a preview of this at The Lighthouse cinema off Cuba Street and  Q&A with the director and writer. It's a really wonderful New Zealand film which I can't recommend enough. A bit sad, but also has some of those lovely light moments with the children who starred in it. This cinema is right by my new apartment. Couldn't be more convenient and it's really cute and shows the most fantastic documentaries and films for all over the world, but also the bigger titles. You get to sit on comfy little sofas with a glass of wine and cosy cushions - like being in a front room cinema! Shopping is a New Zealand film, which we worked on here in Wellington. I loved it. A must see movie with a brilliant story, cast and beautiful scenes shot around New Zealand. Has a sad side to it, but such a good film. 

At the same cinema, later in the week, I went on a Sunday afternoon to see a documentary called First Position. All about young ballet dancers trying to make it professionally in the industry. I loved it. Anyone who likes dance and documentaries should watch this.

Then came the Gay film festival in Wellington. We were lucky enough to get tickets for a few films, and Gayby was the first movie on the opening night. A lovely light hearted film. Paramount cinema where the festival shows everything, on Courtenay place, not one of the best cinemas, but it does have character and potential! I don't want to be mean about it, because it's quite sweet! 

I saw a few others in this festival, Meet the Glamcocks, a great movie about The Burning Man festival. The other movie, I can't even remember the name of... not really worth reporting on sadly. 

Man of Steel & Iron Man 3 - Boy films! Man of Steel wasn't as good as Iron Man, but a good movie nonetheless. Iron Man 3 just did it for me as far as script & visual effects went. I felt like it had the whole package and was surpised at how much I liked it. 

Saw The Place Beyond The Pines at The Lighthouse and I liked it. Who doesn't like Ryan Gosling films?! He's all broody and trying to be a good dad... goes about it the wrong way! I thought it was a bit too long, but I like the structure of it. It felt like 3 stories in one. 

I then had the pleasure of seeing an absolute classic at The Roxy which is possibly my favourite cinema... it was on a 35mm print sat a couple of seats away from Martin Freeman himself who did a Q & A afterwards. If you've never seen it. Do, it's such a fun film! 

So now we have just started the NZ International Film Festival here in Wellington, which is a big deal, especially at my work. I've already seen 2 beautiful films at the weekend, and I intend to do a separate post about these. Why not ay?

Oh wow, I blogged, now you know what I've been doing. Sitting on my arse watching movies! These are just the ones I've seen in cinema, I won't even go into my sunday hangover sessions on the sofa! 

Till next time! 


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