Happy Birthday Blog

My blog is a year old! (Well more now!) I've been slack with it in the last few months, sometimes you just need a break. But I am coming back to record more memories. Here's a few photos of what I've been up to when I've not been working and settling back into New Zealand life, although I've been here bloody months now, I should be settled! Random, and definitely not everything I've been up to, but who cares. You want a life update right? 

(PS most of this life update is on a crappy iphone. Deal with it!) 

I baked amazing caramel and chocolate cookies. Recipe from The Londoner

This is what happens if you go out in high heels then walk home barefoot. 

Sunset in Raumati. 

Platter I made. 

My very own weaved mat, now in pride of place on my kitchen table in my new apartment. I learned Māori style! 

Nice Wine. 

Amazing cocktails at The Hawthorn Lounge in Wellington. Peter the barman seriously knows his drinks. 

 Libby proves how dopy she can be as I stack things on her. 

Anzac day Roast, the most amazing leg of lamb EVER. A feast! 

Anzac Day AFL game. My first, and we were in a corporate box with delicious food and drink and all of the special treatment. A fantastic evening! 

Espresso Martinis in Ancestral. Also had the most amazing meal in here. 

Rainy day view from my new apartment. So cosy being inside and watching the weather over Mount Vic. 

New bedsheets and Duvet and Pillows = Best sleeps ever! 

Girls nights out dancing = blurry photos

Sunshiny view from my balcony. Gorgeous to wake up to. 

Jodie and Niamh came to Welly. I took Jodie to the Weta Cave for the 5th birthday celebrations. We hung out with the trolls. I took them for a drive round the coast too, and on the ever obvious cable car trip to the Botanical Gardens where I got in a tree. 

House warming, brings house warming wine and means people try on your shower cap and specs.....

We went horse riding. Good old fashioned trek, but gosh the views were amazing, it was like riding through Hobbiton, and they let me and Siobhan have a bit of a canter at the end!

So until next time. I can't wait for them to take the scaffolding off the war memorial. 


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